Saturday, September 25, 2010

God, Gold, and Faith -- and Glenn Beck

Yesterday, gold futures hit $1300 per ounce for the first time ever. The investors and speculators known as "Gold Bugs" are thrilled, as are those who see this new record as an omen of impending economic and political disaster that will validate their criticisms of the vast Democrat-liberal-socialist-communist-fascist-Kenyan-Muslim-ObaMaoist America-hating conspiracy.

And many of the faithful are also thrilled. There are some Christians who see spiritual significance in the rise of gold against the dollar: it may be a sign of the approaching End Times. Regardless, investing in gold is something to be done prayerfully, after much thought.

Glenn Beck, for example, seems to have made it a part of his religious vision for a restored America. He has called it "the three G's God, Gold, and Guns." (Glenn Beck Program, Nov,. 23, 2009)

Here's what he says in a video for for one of his advertisers, Goldline, a seller of gold coins:

"Here's the deal. Call Goldline. Study it out. Pray on it. If it's the right thing for you, then do it. But please study it out. Find the people you trust -- the people that I trust [with his hand moving toward his heart] are the people at Goldline."

Glenn Beck has faith in Goldline. Goldline has faith in God. And Gold.

Recently, I heard these words coming from the Goldline commercial on Glenn's show:

"I want you to ask you do you have faith in man or in God? if you put your faith in man, God bless you, I can't wait to see the solution. But if you don't, I ask you to look at gold."

Wonderful. You don't even have to go to the trouble of making a calf out of it.

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Gail O said...

Ouch. But so true. If the end times are near, I would rather have God, food and water rather than God and Gold. Can't eat gold and it is worthless if you are in survival mode.